About Us

Seodrill.com is commited to driving real human traffic to our customers sites/blog.
Please, Note that all our traffic are real human traffic.
We are not and will never drive any form of robotic traffic or
to our customers sites/blogs.
Also Note that all our traffic comes from the following sources depending
on what customers chose while creating campaign(s);
- Google
- Bing
- Ask.me
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- And others
We will also like to let you know that our platform is a
CPC(cost per click) based system, in that, we only charge our customers per
link clicks to their sites/blogs which will in turn be deducted from
the available balance of the customer.
Customers can choose to fund their seodrill.com accounts by either of
the following means.
- Credit/Debit
- Other methods